29 August 2007

More Than Just Writers

I'm a writer by trade. I work with files that will be printed out. I read lots of books.

The point is, sometimes I get just a little too textcentric (is that a word?). We're not just looking for writers. We're also looking for audio and video content. Graphic content, too - I'm thinking an 'artwork of the month' feature right now.

Getting There - Slowly

We're currently recruiting article writers. If you think you might be interested in contributing, send me an email via the link on the side.

We're also continuing work on the blogzine template. As you can see, most of the pink has gone. (Pink's not really that bad... it's just that I can only take so much before I start thinking Legally Blonde and pampered mini-pooches)

22 August 2007

Watch this space

A blogzine for Christian women will be here soon.

(we'll lose at least some of the pink!)