22 October 2007

Diary of a Broken Heart - pt 1

26 Days Before Surgery

My name's Naomi. I'm a christian, a wife, a mum, a writer, and... well, lots else. When I was born, I had life-threatening heart problems. Without surgery, I probably wouldn't be alive today.

I don't remember anything from that surgery or the recovery. But during my last pregnancy, I discovered that I had a leaky heart valve, and half of my heart is getting more and more enlarged. Right now, I'm waiting for open heart surgery to repair the valve.

Why the diary? Because every now and then I sit here and wonder what on earth I can expect from this surgery. I know all the medical stuff. I have an idea of how long it will take me – from a medical point of view! - to heal from the surgery. I expect to feel as though I've been hit by a bus. But I don't know what I'll go through emotionally, or the weird side effects, or what I'll be able to wear in hospital. There's a big black hole of knowledge there. So I've got a couple of hopes. One, that I'll work out exactly what it is I'm needing to know. The other, that others facing the same surgery might be able to read this diary and get an idea of what's facing them.



Sensuous Wife said...

Oh dear Naomi...woman who is beloved of God. I am filled with a powerful wanting for you to be well. I will ask God to bind up your broken heart. And take plenty of DHA and EPA fish oil! I know I sound like a mother cause I am! :) PS Fish oil does affect clotting ability so you don't want to take it early before surgery but ask your doc when it is okay to take.
Love and prayers,

Naomi said...

Thank you! :-) I'm not taking fish oil (vegetarian) but I'm taking flaxseed instead. It's good stuff, helps the joints too!

Adam said...

As double valve replacement patient, I suffered from a broken heart and a leaky heart valve.

Thanks for sharing,

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