11 December 2007

After the Show is Over

I saw a link to this article at Jesus The Radical Pastor. And I thought to myself, "this I gotta pass on."

Sally Morgenthaler writes about the Church and where it's going by using the example of an ordinary-but-not-so-ordinary woman named Laurel. And she raises the question - what traditionally feminine attributes are needed here and now? Have a look. It's well worth the read (and the thinking afterwards).

Laurel’s field of choices and her effectiveness as a result of those choices are conspicuously off the radar in current discussions about women and leadership in the Church. Could it be that women have spent so long trying to climb the ladder inside old church and leadership systems that the very questions they’re asking about gender equality, opportunity, and power are stuck? Perhaps the real questions go more like this: what does it mean to seek biblical [equality] if the Church itself is no longer functioning in biblical ways? What does it mean for women to pursue the full use of their gifts in the Church if western Christianity has lost its missional purpose? What does it mean to hitch ones’ star to the Christian status quo, especially if that status quo is a narcissistic, capitalistic perversion of the Gospel? In summary, what does it really mean for a woman to be released into her potential, to be trusted with a ministry role, or to secure a salaried ministry position only to find that, for all her new-found freedom, authority, and seeming equality, she is only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?
Read the whole article here - After the Show is Over: The Rise of the Feminine in the Postmodern Turn


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