12 November 2007

Diary of a Broken Heart - pt 3

15 days before Surgery

I achieved a few things today.

First, I went to the local TAFE to talk about my options for re-starting a course in Youth Work. Then, I called the hospital and maybe – just maybe – got a fast-track to surgery. THEN, I called my doctor's office and made an appointment for tomorrow. Oh, and I looked after an 8-month-old and did a bit of housework, but that's boring.

The nurse I spoke to (on my call to the hospital) was lovely. She was concerned that I sounded out-of-breath (I was, for no good reason). She didn't think that the swelling in my ankles and feet was a good sign (neither did I). She volunteered to speak to my surgeon and let him know the situation, and I started feeling just a bit better. Oh, who am I kidding? I cried. I've been feeling worse and worse, physically, and I've been feeling as though no-one really cares, or believes, or will do anything to help me out. I hate feeling like that. So to have someone not only care, but show concern and try to help get something done... oh, it felt so nice.


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