22 November 2007

Diary of a Broken Heart - pt 4

21 days before surgery

Today I discovered how to get things moving on my surgery:
  1. Get mild, persistent chest pain
  2. Go to GP for an ECG
  3. Panic GP by mentioning 'chest', 'pain' and 'breathlessness' in the same sentence
  4. Get a free ride to heart-specialty hospital in ambulance (no sirens)
  5. Allow hospital to discover that they've lost your records
  6. Stay overnight because they don't know if your ECG is normal, because they don't have your records
  7. See your cardiologist, mention the surgeon who's supposed to be doing your surgery
  8. Allow hospital to discover that you were listed under the wrong surgeon, for the wrong surgery
  9. Assure apologetic surgeon that next week or the week after will be fine for the surgery
What a day!


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